We believe sustainability is a key element in our business model. We must be an essential change factor in order to sustain economic development, social well being and environmental protection.

Our social
and environmental commitments

Solving the problems that plague the planet and contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of our community is everyone’s responsibility.

Recicla, reutiliza, reusa
Sustainable Development Goals

Annually, the Group approves a Sustainability Report. We use as framework the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, passed by the United Nations in 2015. We focus our efforts in those goals we clearly can have an bigger impact on, and we establish 7 specific and measurable objectives for them:

Gender Equality

I. Implementing an Equality Plan for each of our sites, that must be formulated before the end of 2023.

Reduced Inequalities

III. Every site of the Group collaborates with at least one organization of shelter to less favored collectives, prioritizing those with proximity to our factories, thus contributing to inclusion within the communities we are a part of.

Reduced Inequalities

V. Duplicate the volume of recycled or reutilized material (3R) for 2025. In 2021 volume of purchases of 3R materials and delivery of materials for its proper recycling was 12,1% of total purchases, and we want to reach 25% in 2025.


VII. For 2035 ALONARTI/ ARTISTICA Group must reduce CO2 emissions scopes 1 and 2 per produced tube with respect to the levels in 2015 from 18,37gr CO2 per 1000 tubes to 10 grams per 1000 tubes. That is, a total of 46% , exceeding the 43% the Paris Protocol aspires to, and preventing the emission of 1.550 ton of CO2 every year.

Decent Work

II. Offering all our employees in the ALONARTI/ ARTISTICA Group a real career plan.

Responsible Consumption

IV. Proper management of 100% of residues, both dangerous and non-dangerous.

Clean Energy

VI. Changing our energy origin mix towards sustainable sources. In 2021, 43,3% of our consumption of electricity came from renewable energy sources. We want to see that in 2024 our electricity energy balance will have a 70% coming from renewable sources.


We recycle and reuse packaging for some of our customers, return circuit for pallets and reuse of cardboard and plastic boxes.

Collaboration project with several centers and NGOs, for the cleaning and tuning of boxes getting their recycling and extending their life cycle with their reuse.

Centers that support people with intellectual or physical disabilities.


Aceesca Aceesca

Calidad Alonarti


We work with Ecovadis for our sustainability assessment, measuring our environmental, social and ethical performance.

In our latest audit, we were awarded SILVER MEDAL, excelling 78% of the companies in our sector of activity.



We are part of CDP, an organization that manages and measures our environmental impact. We try to build a sustainable economy by measuring and understanding our environmental impact.

We are qualified by CDP as B, placing us in the “Best in Class” group within our sector of activity, well above the “C” qualification of all European companies and the “D” obtained by industrial companies in particular.